The area is located in the crowded part of the City Center, in the so-called government or bank district on the corner of Arany János utca and Sas utca. With regard to this lot being the last unbuilt in the area, it was a great possibility but a very serious responsibility as well. The building is a commercial accommodation facility by function, with garages in the basement, a reception, restaurant and service rooms on the ground floor and rooms designed according to the hotel standard. The built-in fits into the environment, the basic mass follows the line of the two streets and the rooms face the inner court and the bounding street. We established green roofs and a cafeteria terrace on the elevated inner court. A characteristic protruding ledge unites the building above the retracted uppermost floor. The appearance and material use of the building is defined by the level-high walls openings that adjust to the repetitive room unit functions. These elements are traversed every level and are retracted from the surface of the façade. The corner is in an emphasized position overlooking Szabadság square. It is bordered by vertical stone elements and is articulated by separate terraces. The entrance from Sas utca on the ground floor is opened up, which is further emphasized by the arcade along the streets. Two types of stone surfaces and fibre cement cladding are used on the façades. The precise and prestigious articulation of the details are an important part of the concept. The construction plans were not finished in our Studio, so we can just hope for a decent outcome.