The location is a valuable corner lot in the „bank district”, possibly the last in this genre. We made suggestions for multiple building installation concepts in accordance with the given office program and the inspection of the site. The dull patio-like installation was a natural given, nevertheless we felt that we needed to design a more sophisticated and prestigious installation. We prepared two versions.
In the bow-tie version the obvious corner-built-in was turned inside-out, hence the corner was not occupied by a building mass, and the two street masses were connected with a retracted arched surface. We planned a glass-covered restaurant on the ground floor in the corner. The floorplan design ensures an exclusive entrance from a public area to 4 office-units per stories.
In the tower version the corner position is occupied by a tower-like building mass, while an L-shaped mass is covering the fire-wall slightly pulled away from it. The lateral units are accessible from the glass bridges springing from the vertical corridor positioned inside the tower, ensuring a unique entry. The tower ensures one office unit in a key position with an overall of 4 office units altogether. The elevation surfaces connecting with the streets are the greatest in this version.