The triangle of Szépvölgyi, Felhévizi, Bécsi and Ürömi roads is one of the busiest areas in North Buda. The planning area, which is created by joining multiple plots, is located in this block. Within the possibilities of the regulation plans, a key aspect of the design was to create a building which is contemporary, an office building, part of the surrounding building structure and fits into the distinctive world of Óbuda.
The planned H-shaped building, besides covering the neighbouring firewalls, defines two quiet inner gardens, courtyards. The layout is simple and transparent; all the car-park slots are placed underground.
The defining materials of the facade are plaster, stone, soft-metal panelling and roof tiles. The architecture is characterised by the vertical element barcodes stretched between the horizontal lines, which follow the line of the terrain.
We made the building permit drawings together with Ernő Kálmán (Reálterv).