Akadémia Park, Pasarét — general plan

The former military area, bound by Riadó utca – Hűvösvölgyi út– Pasaréti út – Hidász utca is an outstanding plot on the Buda side, due to its location and size. Five architectural firms were commissioned in parallel to compose the built-in and the architectural design. The essence of our plan was to locate the significant building volume in a way that we preserve the area’s natural values, including a large central space and valuable vegetation. Considering the aforementioned, we basically defined two functions: office buildings, required by the program, and an integrated group of buildings with unusual functions containing commercial, sport and cultural units – a unique plaza. These were arranged around a large central space. We did not design above ground parking spaces, therefore the high quality green surface design with walking paths and groves would preserve the area’s character and serve as a recreation park for locals.
The investment has not taken off yet for other reasons, except for the renovation of the former cadet school located on the plot, that was realized according to our design. / see Akadémia Park, Officium office building /