The Wing Zrt’s office building was constructed on the plot of 48-52 Könyves Kálmán körút. We received the work after the client evaluated the plans of several invited design-studio teams. The key to our success was designing an eventful but manageable building mass ensemble, rational layout organization, and insuring a high Breeam rating, which at the time was considered a pioneer principle in the assessment of buildings’ sustainability. The function of the building was originally intended to be an office rental, but to our great pleasure in a very competitive market the building proved to be attractive and suitable for a company with high standards, like Allianz. The construction was completed in line with their needs, hence the function changed from office rentals to headquarters. The representative central hall is connected to the office building’s internally used restaurant, café and to the rear garden’s terrace and its green areas. On the first floor the office spaces are connected by the bridge passing through the airspace of the entrance hall, the floor-plans above it form a coherent whole. The executive offices with large roof terraces are placed on the seventh floor.