The location is the centre of Újpest, where the former emblematic gigantic-cinema of the 70s and 80s called „Alkotmány” was standing. The attempt to make a cultural development out of the cinema and to save the socialism’s best interior-design embodying modernity failed during the years even before we appeared on the scene, so we duly noted the fact of demolition and the investor’s need to create apartments.The last show was held by the Vikár children on András’s birthday in the cinema awaiting demolition. The design was aimed to be location specific and simple with an open plane facade, adjusting to the functions on the upper residential units and bottom floor retail units, uniting and integrating the entire facade facing the street.  In our opinion, this design adapts better to Újpest centers modern image, as opposed to the surrounding new buildings realized in the past couple years with their nostalgic forms.  We believe that the timeless stone tiling and colorful glass elements of the façade facing the street are crucial elements of the design. We connected the peaceful court wing reaching into the courtyard with the staircase/elevator core to the main mass by a half-level shift considering the onsite terrain. Here the mass forming is simpler and more relaxed because of the terraces. The archway adjusts to the bus stop in front of the building quoting the onetime hall of the cinema, assuming temporal continuity with it and serving as a shelter.