The task was to design new apartment buildings in the area of the existing campsite in Balatonszepezd completed with recreation and communal spaces. The typically long and narrow plot runs along the lake and has great potential and a significant tree stock.
The orientation of the holiday buildings was determined by the intention to provide lake views for all the apartments and to protect them from the adverse effects of the railway and the main road located beside them. This resulted in a line-like mass divided into multiple elements, with an open character towards the lake and an almost closed character facing the railway. The trees were taken into account by the gentle movement of the mass which makes it friendly and interesting. There are 93 residential units in the building, supplemented by the wellness center. The apartments have a typically south-east orientation with large terraces. The open corridors stitching the single-handed stairs were expanded with spaces that can be used by the occupants. The apartments are equipped with rolling or sliding aluminium Venetian blinds. After the SDC Group closed, we could not follow the fate of the project and we do not see much chance of a possible realization.