The Youth Center was created in the late 1970’s with the name “Úttörőváros” (“scout” city) with the purpose of providing holiday accommodation for children as an achievement of the socialism. It constitutes a one-of-a-kind ensemble because of its size, of its independence from other environmental installments, of its self-supporting technical service facilities and moreover its own road and rail connections. After the change of regime, the Youth Center continued to perform its duties, but it was destined to be rethought for the needs of today in terms of function, technical facilities and service systems. Our job was to survey the possibilities of the functioning Youth Center, and to prepare a preliminary installation plan and an architectural concept based on the program given by the Client. The essence of the proposal is the revaluation of the area, a functional renovation – with partial demolition and partial renovation of the existing building stock and with designing new buildings. All this in mind we had to re-evaluate the route, pedestrian, public utilities and energy supply systems, and we had to take charge of handling the valuable green environment. In our proposals according to the aforementioned concept we designed and renewed housing, sport and recreational buildings and greens adjusting to the three different characters of the main area units – above road 71; between the road and the railway; and the Balaton section.