The former industrial estate, located in Pest, south of Lágymányosi híd, is a major development area of Budapest because of its significant size, great length along the Danube and its excellent location.The high-rise office building closest to the bridge is a sculpture-like composition, an iconic starting point showing toward the city centre. Its dynamic mass determines the row of the latter high-rise buildings behind it, as well as the buildings along the Danube bank. The undulating, curved series of subsequent office buildings ensure larger-than-average facade length and a Danube view from the back part of the building as well. The airy appearance of the narrowing ends of the buildings and the system of widening spaces between them also represent high quality. We organized the residential buildings at the southern part of the plot around an elliptical inner square. With the composition of four buildings we reinforced the integrity of the block’s external appearance. At the same time its elements have very good ratings in terms of total facade length, insulation, river view and Gellért Hill view. We created special indicators to measure these. And though we were not chosen for further planning, the recession halted the entire investment and so the design process.