The client asked us to create two design plans for the renovation and extension of their holiday complex containing holiday houses and a yacht club. In the first version some of the old buildings are kept and renovated, in the other version everything is newly constructed. The images show ideas of both versions. We applied more traditional architectural treatments with higher grade of integration of the existing buildings and using gable roof fittings, in the first version, where we combine renovation and new construction. We obviously had to take into consideration the constraints of existing relations. In the other version, with completely new buildings we could reconsider the built-in system of the holiday complex, and could easily add necessary functions and modernize its operation. The newly-created masses are orientated at a 90-degree angle to the lakeside. The small-scale alterations of the facade resulted in better lake views for the holiday units. The catering and education building open up toward the lake and the port. We designed a large, well-kept green area, by keeping the existing valuable trees and sport fields along the shore. We implemented glass surfaces with altering appearances and colourful, wood-effect, tabular façade-cladding elements on the new buildings’ facade. Although the plan was well received, the investment had not continued since….