The headquarters of Egis Pharmaceuticals is built on Lehel Road, one of the major roads of Budapest, at the road’s section close to Lehel Street, at the Dévai Street corner. The key mass elements of the building are the G+5- and G+6-storey masses, intersecting on the corners with its wall leaning outwards bursting towards eachother. These masses are constructed of robust stone frames, which are placed exactly at the street boundary of the plot. Inside the frames we created light curtain-wall structures which counterpoint the weight and solidity of the stone. The main entrance leads into a hall, which rises to the whole height of the building. This allows an insight into the interior life of the building and in doing so, a constant visual connection between building and environment can be created. The facades’ glass surfaces are divided by light stripes reflecting the company colours of Egis. The inner court’s elevation articulated by powerful blinds are dissolved by green roofs the upmost levels. It offers a beautiful view of the city from the Lehet út roof.