We designed the building in 1998 for Graphisoft R&D Rt, as a small production and office building for the ArchiCAD programs. Over time it lost its original function, hence re-utilization plans have emerged. In this context we received commission for the conversion and expansion of the entire building to accommodate the new function of a development and presentation base for a unique, new technology. Living factory waste-water processing, a technology which creates quality water with the help of living organisms, requires large glass surfaces and suitable air conditions, additionally the presentation of this new technology required appropriate innovative environment from an architectural viewpoint. In our schematic designs we tried to meet these needs by lifting the building’s mass with a larger glass box. We aimed to convert our own building in a way that it suits the functions and that its appearance shows, or at least suggests, its particular nature. The project was not implemented and the building was demolished in 2017 as part of the scale shifting of the park. Fortunately, the location accommodates the ‘N’ building – or SAP building which was developed according to our designs.