We were commissioned for the design after the phase of parallel preliminary outline planning with several designers.  Originally the building was to host accommodation and office space for start-up companies. Later on, the program and the location were narrowed down primarily to accommodations for students. The hostel designed for the students of IBS — International Business School – eventually obtained the shape of an irregular „Y”. The main entrance and common areas on upper floors were placed in between the two shorter wings facing the Graphisoft, and in the intersection of the three wings. The room units are located in the wings. The roof gardens on lower levels are ideal for recreational places, with a nice view of the environment. Unfortunately, our interior design plans for the building were not implemented due to financial reasons. The realization of our original notions and visualizations of a colourful world of the common areas and rooms will be in the hands and possibilities of the operating company and the future students of IBS.