We had the opportunity to track the progress of the Graphisoft Park from the very beginning, thanks to the continued trust of its owner. Consequently, over time our buildings were realized one-by-one. These buildings – in retrospect – can possibly represent the history of the Park. Thanks to Graphisoft – and primarily Gábor Bojár – we experienced the success of the completed building designs, that were driven by the belief of a quality work environment. This belief at the time counted as a pioneer notion in terms of office building design: a university-campus-like building – in which our Developer’s building “Fejlesztői épület” (2000) is ranked. We also had the opportunity to experience the dramatic moments in the following years, during the construction and expansion of the Park, when we had to make certain investor decisions that seemed to be unjustified efforts, but were indispensable in holding on to the philosophy of the Park.  Our building “M” is ranked into this category, where we had to transform the huge spacious demands of Microsoft into Park-scaled, likeable masses, designing underground parking space numbers overly exceeding the demands of the building, but restoring the original green character of the growing park. We had the opportunity in taking part of the transformation in the upcoming areas surrounding the park, more specifically our design for the four buildings of our Aquincum villa houses (2003) along the Danube. We experienced the transformation of the Graphisoft park becoming a University venue, for which we contributed the Residence hall (2013). During the last two decades the park went through a huge scale-shift, hence a new building was placed in the place of our first functionally unnecessary smaller Logistics building (1998). One of the larger tenants’ (SAP) existing building expansion occupies the area henceforward…It meant some consolation that it was our responsibility to design this building in 2016, that is the objective of this chapter. This is the first building to blink out at the city, and to assign a face to Graphisoft Park. Fortunately, along the years other distinguished designers had the opportunity to shape the park, hence this building already has two neighboring constructions, and hopefully they will continue the story of Graphisoft Park along with us.