The narrow lot located near the fast-evolving Opera and its vicinity was of great challenge for us, when positioning the new 4-star Casati hotel. Our aim was to establish rooms with lots of unique character, special positions and with the most possible openings. To this end, using the openings on the connecting lot borders, we composed the building of the ensemble of independent glazed corridors, which resulted in a unique appearance and the most possible façade surfaces given. Accordingly, the individual towers received different characters in terms of architecture and interior design. The two towers connecting with the buildings on the street side of the lot designate a clear and definite entrance. A breakfast lounge, a cafeteria and the lobby connect as of one space with the overall 40 rooms on the ground floor. Exploiting the unique view on the top floor we placed a gym and a pool. The architectural appearance is allotted with the variously placed but simple, uniquely patterned mobile shading elements. Eventually the commission was given to another designer.