The basic structure of the building is the intersecting rings of the two dominant functional units of MVM and MAVIR organised around their inner courtyard. It is held together by the vertical transportation unit located in the intersection. These are complemented by the side wings along the main road. The building can be approached from two directions adapting to the area, where as from one direction it opens up for pedestrians and for those arriving by public transport, from the other direction it opens up for those arriving by car. Common spaces open from the roofed inner court of the entrance hall: the reception desks, the event hall, the meeting rooms, the restaurant, the recreation center, and the main vertical transportation units. The structure of the building adapted well to the organizational changes implemented in the last few years. The facades are playfully constructed of large solid and glass surfaces, the key materials used are stone and glass with colorful shining stripes that ensure the ever-changing appearance of the building depending on the time of day.