Owner, office manager, leader designer

Curriculum Vitae

1958                            Budapest
1972-76                      Szent István Secondary School
1977-82                      Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture
1982                            Graduated in the Department of Residential Buildings
1982-95                      Budapest Urban Development Design Company / Buváti / architect designer
1987                            architect designer work in Stockholm
1988                            lead architect
1990                            scholarship and study trip in France
1991-present              Lukács and Vikár Architects Studio Ltd., manager
2008-present             Vikár and Lukács Architects Studio Ltd., manager

Public Roles

2000-present               Member of Professional Supervision Board of the Chamber of Architects
2000-present               Commissioner of the Budapest District IV Chamber
2002                            Exhibition in the MÉK-MÉSZ Kós Károly room with the title ‘The last ten years…’
2004-present               Commissioner of the Újpest Chamber
2005-present               Member of Újpest Architectural Planning Committee
2014                              I. Architectural National Exhibition – Műcsarnok
2019                             TÉR /// ERŐ  II. Architectural National Exhibition – Műcsarnok

Awards and recognition

1984                            Buváti youth competition, 1st prize
1996                            Budapest Architecture Award of Excellence / Budapest XII., Városmajor utca 13.
2000                            Figyelő Architecture Award, praise / Budapest XII., Jagelló út 14.
2001                            Pro Architectura Award
2001                            Budapest Architecture Award of Excellence /Graphisoft Developer’s building
2001                            Figyelő Architecture Award, 2nd prize /Graphisoft Developer’s building
2002                            Figyelő Architecture Award, 1st Prize / Budapest II., Krisztina tér 2.
2005                            Metropolitan Award for Architectural Excellence / Káposztásmegyer New Residential Area
2007                            Award of the Association Of Realestate Developers
2008                            Ybl Miklós award
2009                            Pro Architectura Award Budapest /Graphisoft Park building ‘M’
2010                            Újbuda Pro Architectura Award / Simplon B, residential building
2011                            Construction Award of Excellence / Allianz headquarters
2011                            European Property Award / Akadémia Park Officium
2011                            CEE Green Building Awards / Akadémia Park Officium
2011                            CIJ Awards Hungary / Akadémia Park Officium
2012                            FIABCI Real Estate Development Award / Hungarian Autoclub Headquarters
2013                            Green Apple Award / Akadémia Park Officium
2013                            Construction Award of Excellence / Hungarian Autoclub Headquarters
2018                            Pro Architectura Award / Kőbanya Costumer Service
2018                            FIABCI Real Estate Development Award / Graphisoft Park SAP building
2019                            FIABCI Real Estate Development Award / Váci Greens D building