We obtained the design project by results of a public procurement procedure, and undertook the task even though it was around first cost, because we held it so dear to us. The aim of this investment was to relocate the obsolete customer service offices to one location, into a modern building that serves the demands of today. The location is the plot overlooking Állomás utca and the beautiful turn-of-the-century building beside it that stands on the intersection of Szt. László tér and Állomás utca. Accordingly, the task was to preserve and renew the old value, and to create a new building connecting to it. In terms of appearance we intended to place the new two-story building by continuing the ledge height of the one-story turn-of-the-century street view, and the roof to be one undivided surface much like the neighboring buildings. To this end, we placed the archives in the attic. Our aim was to design transparent spaces and to provide a functionally correct intersection between the old and new buildings. We visualized the upper levels with a smaller open space loft in the entrance hall. The newly established main entrance and the core of the vertical corridor (intersecting the different levels of the old and new wings) were placed in the new section of the designed public building. We established a kitchen with a dining room in the basement for employees with lighting shafts and a large storage area, bringing a bright solution for office dining. When designing the façade we used prefabricated raw-concrete elements, and although it was proven that using this material in Hungary is not an easy endeavor in terms of technique, the thin blade-like elements and the rhythm and portions of the openings fit well into the turn-of-the-century façade articulation and rhythm.