This office block for rent was built opposite the Krisztina tér Church, at the foot of the castle, at the exposed junction of Krisztina körút and Mészáros utca – in terms of cityscape. Regarding our architectural concept, the most interesting experiment was to combine the historical ambiance of the foot of the castle area and the appearance of a contemporary office block in one construction without compromising, while adapting to the neighbouring buildings.
We continued the string course of the neighbouring building above the ground floor on the Krisztina Square façade, while the window division on the third floor replicates the ‘9’ rhythm of the former classicist building, as a kind of historical continuity. The manually split, matt Jura limestones covering the facade are slightly staggered horizontally and this separates the tower-like mass from the base mass. The light stone accommodates the neighbouring building, the colour of the panels refer to the brick-works of the stone and plaster architecture of buildings at the foot of the castle. The roof’s undisturbed unified appearance is an important part of the architectural concept. We are especially proud of the facades materialized stone surface, which was meticulously designed in collaboration with a specialist contractor.