The building was constructed on the Maros Street side of two very narrow empty plots between Maros Street and Városmajor Street. It was constructed as a continuation of one of our previous buildings in Városmajor Street. Our intention was not to create new wounds or exposed firewalls but on the contrary to create a healthy unified form out of the missing or meaningless masses and to open up the interior for pedestrians in a way that is directly beneficial both for residents as well as for the area. The diverse formulation of the passage was also treated by the three-meter drop between the two streets. By opening it on one side, toward the green area of the interior, we withstood the more rational duplex outlet’s design.

The design of the existing building complex dates back to 1989 and the work delivered in the period of nearly ten years until the handover is a good example of how the cooperation between local council, client and designer can be successful for the public as well. The complete building was handed over in 1998. This is when the temporary wall between the already-completed Városmajor Street and Maros Street wings was taken down and the over-hundred-meter long public pedestrian passage leading through the interior was opened. The two buildings’ architectural treatment in spite of the time difference is similar. Both of them are from the early „green” period, and in detail they are not devoid of the postmodern approach.