Microsoft office building Nr.2 Description

Our proposal was born at that stage of the building design, when the parent company’s requirements seemed the strongest. Without questioning the need for large, open-space offices and for simple shape we suggested an architectural solution where the double-skin thermal facade of the significant-sized, block-shaped building ensures a unique appearance that changes according to the time of day. This way the movement of the colourful shades between the two layers, the ever-changing play of the special reflection glasses and the mass which turns into an illuminated box in the evening, would have created an exciting effect varied at different times of the day. As a counterpart to the large glass boxes we hid the additional office functions, like meeting and conference rooms, under a wave-like green surface lifted out of the terrain. We tried to define the building as an invisible, transparent box or at least a box which reflects the park. Our plan was not accepted, but at the same location another design of ours was constructed with a different concept. About the final building there is a more detailed description in the implemented work section.