This closed line building gap between neighboring fire walls was established in the context of the district’s rental housing construction program. A smaller mass stretches toward the back court from its primary building mass positioned in the middle. There are garages on the basement level and intensive green areas in the courtyard and roof terraces. The 30 apartments realized are rather small, 1 and 1+1/2 rooms in accordance with the program. In terms of the building’s appearance and material use we opted by all means to resemble the surrounding mood of the good-quality buildings from the 1930’s, with their clear elements, appropriate material use, bright entrances, signalization and foyer. There is one rational central core. Retail spaces can be found on the street-front of the ground floor. After winning the competition and preparing the authorization and construction plans, the program was lying around in the drawer of XIII. districts Asset Management. Eventually, it was constructed between 2008 and 2009.