The planning area is a block in the XIII. district of Budapest, bounded by Róbert Károly körút, Gidófalvy utca and Kassák Lajos utca. The design program determined a large office building on the location taking into account the scale of the surrounding buildings. The essential idea of our plan was to create a building with continuous, snake-like curves, where the hollow areas create well-scaled spaces and space walls. While on the ground level the entrances of the individual building parts are arranged along a single internal pedestrian surface, creating an internal passage. By partially setting back the lower levels on the main front toward Róbert Károly körút, we created a unique and pronounced entrance, which fits into the scale of the building complex and which results in widening the communal space in front of the building’s main entrance. We considered the building exemplary in terms of the ground floor areas which we uniformly formed as green spaces. Along these spaces we designed urban surfaces open to the public. The building mass leading from the busy ring road toward the quieter residential buildings in the back accommodates to its environment with its diverse mass shaping and with the change in scale. All the necessary car parking area is hidden either under the roof gardens or located underground. This plan was selected as the best one among several study plans. Its construction was postponed due to the economic crisis but after almost 10 years residential building were realized, no longer based on our designs.