This residential building is a part of the Allee supermarket investment, and is located in the northeast corner of the area. The characteristics of the narrow, north-facing, fire-wall-bounded empty plot overlooking Váli utca were not the most favourable for the purpose of housing. We supplemented the simple stone-covered cubature with glass boxes which provided the possibility of more sunshine and more exciting views for the apartments. The building consisted of 28 small apartments with an average of 47 sqm with a simple floor-plan. Retail functions are located on the ground floor. The building is in tight units with its neighbours in legal and technical terms as well. The plot is shared with the neighbouring residential building, so for practical reasons, the buildings’ garage is placed under the neighbouring building, while the basement of our building is occupied by the warehouse of one of Allee’s retail functions. In many aspects we had to collaborate with T2a Építésziroda and Finta Stúdió – the designers of Allee and the neighbouring building, which meant difficulties as well as a lot of pleasure.