This little office-laboratory and reception building was made for the seed plant of Syngenta Seeds Kft. in Mezőtúr. The basic design concept was an introverted building which surrounds a quadratic courtyard. Our antitype was the world of courtyard houses — their open but closed, intimate yet public, i.e. differentiated spaces, which seemed to be well-suited to fulfill the spatial needs of a middle-sized research team. The wings surround the courtyard from three sides and they are connected by glass linking corridors. The mass shape, in accordance with the basic concept, has an inward-sloping low-pitched roof. The intensity of the facade openings reflects the closed-from-the-outside yet open-to-the-courtyard vision. We designed an exposed concrete ceiling, reclaimed brick from Mezőtúr, titanium-zinc roof, wooden doors and wooden panelling and glued wooden structures. Even though the construction plans were completed, our plan was not realized.