Szabó Ervin Grammar School Description

The task was to create a new wing and to reconstruct the existing building, which originally was a nursery while maintaining operation in the high school. For us the challenge was how to create a unified architectural appearance for the old and new wings and how to replace and fix the, in all aspects, out-of-date structures of the old wing. Within the tight budget frame we were also determined to ensure a cheerful appearance fit for a school building. We connected the new and old wings with a bridge like construction at the place of the original staircase. In the end, the entire building received a layout of classroom blocks organized along the internal “school street”. The architectural toolset was rather modest. All it included was a few angle twists, form or colouring.
The construction works took two scholar years. In the first year the new wing was built up to the bridge dilatation and the institution moved over here during the summer. In the following year, after the renovation-reconstruction of the old wing, in the summer the temporary wall in the middle of the “school street” got taken down and the two wings were unified.