Extracts from the competition target draw-up:

Unique, characteristically different from the non-descriptive architectural environment, a building with an individual image. Venues for unique cultural and popular-science programs, side-by-side or connected to each other, complementing each other. Provides programs and venues for a uniquely broad age group, without disturbing each other, creating opportunities for meetings, joint activities and the potential for shaping and retaining communities. Unique is the internal space, agora, which connects the different functions and their spaces but is an attraction itself; it is an attractive space. It differentiates from the surrounding standard and intellectual-physical environment. It represents something else. It differs from average processes and flows, it stands out of them. Like an island.
13th island of Budapest. The 13th district’s island. ISLAND 13. Our plan was not accepted, the building was constructed according to the plans of Vadász Studio and it became a successful institution. / RAM /