The Szilas residential park was built in the area between Erdősor utca, Pálya utca, Szilas Creek and Szilágyi út. A total of 200 apartments and 12 blocks were created in two stages. Our studio designed the winning general design plans for this empty land exceeding 4 acres. The design spans a wide range stretching from G+4-storey developments with hanging corridors, G+1+R row houses and G+R atrium houses. We organised the buildings along a curved, intact residential street network which connects to the surrounding area only along Erdősor utca and Határ utca, without any transit traffic. The straight street which connects the curved streets of Phase I, and the curved street connecting the straight streets of Phase II, both run into the square located at the centre of gravity of the construction. A typical element is an atrium or row house on an approximately 250 sqm plot with 150 to 250 sqm living area with a garage for one or two cars depending on the size. This type of housing is a niche prototype of its own: an urban family home with a very high rate (65-75%) built-in and small intensity (G and G+R). Sustainable and secure atrium or chain-like houses were developed with a small courtyard / garden (100 sqm). Our takeaway was that it is worth designing curved streets, because even though they are more difficult to design, they are friendlier to live in. We also learnt that it is worth building repetitive elements within the same timespan, otherwise they will not resemble each other. After the 10-year construction period the quality of the living environment had increased to such an extent that the locals promoted the area from “dog runner” to “big dog runner”.