We designed this residential building with 60 apartments in the intensive suburb of Zugló. The regulations ordered the building to be place on the plot boundary on Szugló utca, so as a counteract we designed the ground floor with an archway establishing an open yet covered space in front of the retail units. The main entrance located on Kövér Lajos utca can be accessed along the stairs across the green path placed in the front garden planned according to regulations. When stepping into the building from the recessed glass wall in the entrance leading from the open space, we encounter a bright and grand foyer reminding us of the quality rental housings of the 30’s. Fortunately, the apartment count was limited due to lack of parking spaces that enabled the concept of designing larger apartments fulfilling the need to maximize the built-in area.  Every apartment is equipped with an appropriate size terrace. A crucial part of the concept was to place large, prestigious green areas in the front garden the inner court and the penthouses. Another important part was to connect a bright inner airspace to the inside corridors continuing all way to the 6. floor to dissolve the rational layout of these secondary corridors. Containers for the plants connecting to these were quickly occupied by the residents. The simple shaping of the façade is determined by the order of openings and recessed terraces and green and blue storey-high glass boards placed in front of the terraces.