The municipality of Tatabánya decided to install a new market place. Naming two possible locations, the municipality hired five architectural designers to create the preliminary plans with the task of determining the most suitable location and designs. By this referral we were subject to prepare a facility corresponding with the demands of the XXI. century in both appearance and function on a 3-4 000 m2 area. The second location: the former Turul cinema and its environment, Nagy Imre tér The location is Tatabánya’s residential center built in the 1960’s. We proposed a modern design, preserving and re-evaluating the grove-like nature of the area, while trying not to contravene with the characteristics of the location. Our plan consisted of smaller market-like and articulate masses with extra care for the remaining trees and buildings that were deemed protected. We played with extending roof surfaces when planning the new building elements, but primarily created simple masses and building connections. After the evaluation of the plans, the reviewing committee recommended our plans first place for further design in November, 2015. There has not yet been a proposal for commission regarding them.