The essence of the plan was to create an office building that is totally in accordance with the given program, which is customized, personal, functions perfectly and at the same time optimizes the connections in terms of mental and physical sense both inside and outside the building.
In our plan we used the perfectly developed connecting net – the analogy of the neurons of the nervous system. The basic element of our building is the pentacle neuron unit, of which we intersected three that made the floor plan structure. The neurons “stems” were cut off according to the lot’s givens and the regulations. Thus, we get a varying image of a mass composition intersected with bays which never close into courts entirely but suggest a different image from different points of view – broad toward Váci út, but friendly and loveable in the areas in the back. Meanwhile the structure covers a rational floor-plan system. The building mass is created by repeating the 2-dimensional base net upwards. The floors recede according to the installation regulations and where the character of the building requires it, and reaches the highest value on Váci Street’s highlighted corner. We placed further break-out areas, sports areas and greens on the top of the receding floors.
We applied the principle of optimal office building flexibility/ 1unit of lighting for 1unit of floor area/system with fixed horizontal sunshades which we designed with lower parapet walls than average. As regarding the material usage on the facades, we designed a white, striped pattern ceramic covering with a unique profile developed especially for this building, in front of the window strips we designed a steel-plate sunshade with various sit-outs, 4 on every floor.