It was important for the investor – Atenor group – that the Váci Greens office park assembled by four buildings, form an urban area, an urban pattern out of the spaces between the buildings, so the public area could shape an organic complementary outer space. We received commission to design the fourth “D” building – standing on the corner of Váci út and Fiastyúk utca – after the first three had already been built. It was expected that the new building appears as an integral part of the building complex, along with a unique look and corporate identity. The building’s prism-like mass and the application of honest window structures follow the demand for economical construction and operation, expected from the investors. By keeping the elements of the elevation on one plane and purposely densifying the random colors of the ceramics were all intended to give a unique and individual appearance for the building. The two-storey transection of the corners provide direct approach into the spaces between the buildings, and reinforce the connection of the office park.