The B2+G+6+R-storey office building was built on an empty plot. Within its own mass offsets the level differences between the neighbouring buildings. It undertakes an architectural connection with the building at 11 Városmajor Street, by a closing it with a corner tower. The other mass element that is slightly curved from the street turns the ledge of 15 Városmajor utca, which is separated by a roof terrace from the taller mass. This turns’ pronounced gesture is called out to passage leading to Maros utca opening up under it.
We originally initiated the building in 1990, as a simple rental office building on an empty plot. The plan – in accordance with the new regulations – included a passage up to the plot border, hoping that a similar development would happen in the future on the Maros Street side. Partially due to luck but perhaps our continuous planning and organising work, we created the design plans for the Maros utca side as well. After 10 years this over-100-metre long public pedestrian passage and building ensemble, which rephrases the interior of the block was finally created… But this is also the story of 12 Maros Street as well.
In 1996 the building received the Budapest Architecture Award of Excellence.