Beyond the need for a new building on the empty plot, another building is required to cover a fire wall and it was also possible to place a free-standing villa building in the back of the plot, forming an ensemble of three buildings. Although the situation of the construction for the three buildings is different in character, nevertheless we set a goal to ensure that they form one architectural unit. It was important that the space between the buildings is an entirely green area, according to the original terrain features. To ensure this, we completely kept the multiple-level parking garage underground which connected the buildings. Within the architectural toolkit, glass received a special role. The simple plaster surfaces on general levels are relayed with stone footing. We granted a special role for the glass parapets and separating walls in the overall appearance. The buildings consist of either one, two or three apartments that are distinctly different in atmosphere and size due to the diversity of their situations, but they share the common feature of practical galleries and terraces.