The particularly beautiful building of the former cadet school was built in 1897. Later, in 1926, a gym and an event hall were added to its nearly-100-meter-long, elegant, brick-covered mass, later, in 1941, and in the following decades, a kitchen-restaurant was added and another mass containing different functions. These additions were removed during the renewal. We added a broken-line glass wall surrounded by the existing wings along the Riadó utca side of the building, which ties this building to contemporary times in terms of appearance. On the top-level the roof structure and the shell were technically completely rebuilt, the elevation facing the park -identically to the façade- show the original appearance, while on the Riadó utca side we opened it up and created a large roof terrace on the new building mass. The architectural and mechanical solutions of the new building were adjusted to high quality standards. The materials used on both buildings are contemporary and modern, they can be distinguished, but aim to create a peaceful ensemble.