Debrecen, Simonyi Road preliminary development plan Description

The planning area is along Simonyi Road which connects the city centre with the big forest. This is the backbone of the most elegant residential area in Debrecen.
The large-sized plot is bounded by a row of institutional buildings toward the city centre and by residential buildings toward Big Forest, so our plan treated it as a transitional zone. We suggested a tissue-like structure toward the institutions, arranged along a partially-covered, partially-open, “passage-like” internal street opening from Simony Road. We defined the scale of the buildings parts in the range of adjacent public institutions and residential buildings. On the north side of the area we designed residential buildings with two different characters. In the neighbourhood of the characteristic villa row of Simonyi Road we designed villa buildings, while on the Kórház Street front, next to the existing apartment house which cuts into the area, we designed apartment blocks with more simple shape forming.
In the case of this extremely valuable construction within the city it was very important for us that all the car parks are located underground creating a continuous green surface above ground.
Our plan was made as part of architectural support work for the new regulation plan for the area.