Constituting as the subject of the task, the schematic built-in plan proposed the most favorable and optimal installation according to the given program for Budapest’s XIII. district area located on a former factory site that is bound by Váci út, Csavargyár utca, Cserhalom utca and Rákos creek. Our task was to examine the built-in in terms of long-term progress of the area, accommodating the design into the city structure, and providing conditions for any modifications of the regulatory plan were also included. The program intended to create office buildings with outstanding standards and character along with residential functions and retail functions on the ground floor levels. Among the goals set beyond significant office capacity was the concept of several community spaces and green areas included to supply the immediate environment comprising the possibility of an urban sub-center. Váci út, as an outstanding office, traffic and visual axis, Rákos creek, as an outstanding green area, potential significant residential investment from the direction of Marina part and connections of public transport were the most important factors when determining the character of the built-in. With all this in mind we aimed to create the largest possible green area, to minimize and hide the necessary routes, to aim the architectural emphasis in the determinative direction of Váci út, to optimize the location of the possible residential buildings and to ensure the wide possibility of public functions.