Lake11 is a residential project by the Atenor Group, set to be realized along the expanding section of the Hosszúréti Patak between 2023 and 2026. It is planned as a continuation of the previously built but unfinished Tóváros development. The nature of the development was determined by the masterplan prepared by our office, in consultation with the local government. Atenor entrusted four different architectural firms with the design of the individual buildings. We were responsible for the design of Blocks I, II, and IX-XIV. The permit and execution plans have been completed, and our plans have obtained legal permission. Construction has already begun, but the construction of the blocks we designed will be carried out in a later phase.

During the development plan, an important aspect was to utilize the natural features of the terrain optimally, while reducing the height and intensity of the construction from the ridge to the waterfront along the slope. A significant goal was to ensure an equal visual experience of the valley and the waterfront for all residents. We designed villa-scale buildings along the riverbank, where the underlying Kánai út, designated for residential and recreational purposes, effectively organizes communal and leisure functions. Through consultations with the district, the scale of development was reduced, and Atenor reached an agreement on the arrangement of the creek and its surroundings, which greatly reinforced the feasibility of the architectural intention and provided the opportunity to achieve the desired architectural quality.

The floor plans were developed to meet the expected mix of apartments and their layouts. As architects, we could identify with the design of large, well-organized apartments with spacious terraces. The appearance and façade of the buildings aimed to create a warm, nature-inspired color and form, alongside the use of high-quality and durable materials (waterfront, reeds, nature, etc.).