“Mézeskalács Ház” Nursery, Gödöllő

As the winner of the national design competition for the Bóbita Nursery in 2019, we were contacted by the Gödöllő Municipality and invited to participate in a design competition, where we were assigned the design of a new nursery. We were particularly pleased because the model designs for the nursery developed by the Lechner Knowledge Centre included a barely recognisable, butchered version of our competition design, and we believed in the strength and importance of the original concept. Specifically, that there should be a central space for the nursery, not only as an important place for the nursery to meet together, but also as a place for the wider community of the area to meet. We have already organised the different numbers of group rooms around this in our application and we have done so here. The central space is lit from above, with its special light from above, its cone-shaped interior and the light streaming in from the sides, and the warm, functionally precise and well-organised floor plan all aim to create an ideal home for the youngest children during their stay. The central space brings together the architectural masses of the smaller spaces around it to show their function and the importance and strength of their cohesion. The combination of materials used, raw brick, wood and white finishes was a conscious choice, which was completed with the interior design of Erika Ignácz. The formulation of the garden is also unique with the small house in the rear an integrated part of the whole. (Read more: Bóbita Mintabölcsőde)