Richter Gedeon Nyrt. Cserkesz Street office building

The intervention created storage, office and education functions by building a new wing -partially on the place of several demolished old building parts, and by reconstructing the first Richter building which is emblematic in relation to the factory.
The construction and reconstruction happened in a section with closed characteristics where the surrounding and affected building parts showed a fairly mixed picture before the changes. In the architectural formulation we were aiming for a subtle but firm differentiation between the building parts — which were built in different periods — in a way that new parts only contain formal elements relating to our time. On the façade of the ‘ancient’ Richter building we designed and reconstructed stripes referencing the original plaster architecture, niches under the window and simplified sills. An important part of the design was the use of different colours.
By the design of the generated new spaces it was a key factor to create flawless outer and inner functional connection both for existing as well as for new buildings.