The municipality of Tatabánya decided to install a new market place. Naming two possible locations, the municipality hired five architectural designers to create the preliminary plans with the task of determining the most suitable location and designs. By this referral we were subject to prepare a facility corresponding with the demands of the XXI. century in both appearance and function on a 3-4 000 m2 area. The first location: the former bus terminal on Győri út. Beside this heavy traffic road, we chose to design a concentrated built-in towards it. The main entrance of the market place faces towards the city center, connecting it with the little square and park designed in front of it. The first section of the hall with more open shaping provides places for the primary producers and costermongers. The booths were placed farther inside, while the larger grocery stores were placed in the back.  The hall was roofed with a tarpaulin structure strung upon a beam system with vertical reinforced concrete walls joining them together. Inside, the booths and market units were built using the “house in a house” principal. The shaping of the façade is determined by a “warp” of vertical elements placed in between the structural walls. After the evaluation of the plans, the reviewing committee recommended our plans first place for further design in November, 2015. There has not yet been a proposal for commission regarding them.